Tamara is a Budapest based designer known for her eclectic style. She graduated as a fasion designer in 2008 and right after that she moved to the capital, Budapest, she found herself in the middle of an international fashion competition called Fashion World Offline. In 2010 she was a participant on a tv show called A divatkreátor (The Fashionist) where, among other young talented designers, she was making costumes for the contestants of Megastar (the leading talent show for singers). After the tv show ended, her desings started to show up in fashion magazines like Hungarian Elle and Instyle. As the critics have said, "she is a young representative of Hungarian fashion, her taste is sensual and censorious, blessed with harsh humor". 

From season to season, she likes to play with mixing fabrics and different styles as well, so her designs are feminine and sporty at the same time. Besides experimenting with new cuts and technics, she is working hard at keeping her prices low because she believes in affordable fashion.